Raspberries Go All The Way

raspberries go all the way
Can raspberries grow around tree roots?

I thought I had a good space for my raspberry bushes. But when I went to go dig the holes to plant them,I ran into very big tree roots,maybe 8″in diameter,all over the place (from an elm tree we had removed four years ago) so I couldn’t really even dig the holes as deep as I wanted. I chipped away at the roots a little bit,but they are pretty solid so I didn’t make much progress.

If I go ahead and plant the raspberries,will they be able to find their way around that wood? Or will it hinder their survival and growth?
I would suggest that a tree will have some difficulty growing in an abandoned fire pit because of the extreme alkilinity of the wood ash.

Raspberries don’t need very deep soil as their roots are quite near the surface,and as the tree is dead/removed I don’t think the old roots would do them any harm. Just cut off as much of them as you can,using a pruning saw or loppers,as you come to them. However,I would advise digging in a heavy topdressing of good compost or manure,as an area which had a large tree growing there would probably have quite low fertility. Raspberries grow best in acid soil,so if yours is alkaline,you could water them in with a good dose of Sequestrene,which will enable them to access the nutrients in the topsoil.

Raspberries Go All The Way Mike Douglas Show 1974

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